A few weeks back I was kindly invited to visit Yuu Kitchen to review and celebrate their 1st birthday with the launch of the new season pan Asian menu. It’s a restaurant inspired by the fun and freshness of flavours from south-east Asia and the Pacific Rim. Yuu Kitchen is based in the heart of Aldgate on Commercial Street in London, just a stone throw away from the station.

Yuu Kitchen Restaurant was founded by the Stephen Lowe, who is famously known for creating Icebar London and head chef Jon de Villa, previously of Nobu. We got chatting to Jon, and he’s a lovely chap who had great chat.

The restaurant is a casual dining affair, it is decorated with comic-book pop culture and Manga references from Hong Kong artist Lunatic.

Yuu Kitchen Restaurant review

As a new vegan, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find somewhere that caters for both vegans as well as my carnivore friends. I was most particular excited to know that they have a vegan menu too.

I first started out with edamame beans, which were so flavoursome. It was a heavily spiced chilli mix that had my mouth watering from my first pod. I’ve had quite a few edamame beans in my time, but these were by far the best I’ve ever tasted.

edamme beans at Yuu Kitchen

Following this, I had the crispy tofu Vietnamese roll with housemade sweet chilli sauce. This was very crispy but not oily in the slightest.


Next was the grilled broccoli that had a gorgeous apple and onion dressing accompanied with black pepper and fried shallots. Brocolli never tasted so good! The broccoli was ever so slightly crispy, which went well with the dressing. Moments after the Vietnamese Vegetarian Ssam arrived. It was bursting with flavour filled with corn, mushroom, wrapped in lettuce. There was a double crunch when you bite into it.

Okra is famously known in Nigerian dishes to accompany a stew dish, but in this case, they were battered a deep fried and called Okra fries. Definitely a nice twist, with a lot of crunch. Perfect for snacking on! Jon the chef was able to make my a special made mayo-style sauce to dip them into as the original sauce contained egg.


Last but not least I tried the sweet and sticky eggplant. The eggplant is wok fried with a white miso glaze, crunchy shallots, and sesame seeds. Personally, I seemed a little too sweet for me, but it was nice to see something interesting done with eggplants.

Yuu Kitchen Restaurant review

Overall my experience here was amazing! For me, this can easily replace some foods like Nandos for me, especially at the fact that I’m a nibbler and not really a full meal eater. I’d definitely recommend you visit it. I did forget to take pictures and mention the drinks we had, but they were all nice and had bubbles at the bottom, which was fun to pop in my mouth.

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