I don’t usually write things like this, and I usually keep thoughts like this to myself hence the impromptu post at this hour, but I just needed to share my thought on big sis Bey’s new visual album, Lemonade.

So here it goes;  My personal breakdown!


Beyonce! Lemonade; the visual album.

The images are meant to only stimulate an emotion but also the words tell the story. The visuals move from one chapter to the next, with the lemons she was given in life (relational life) she made lemonade.

The opening chapter of the video: the sour lemons embodies the dark moments of the relationship.

Next chapter – anger.

Next chapter – forewarning him she’ll leave him.

Next chapter – drowning defines the process of losing of herself, but not being dead.

Next chapter – the death of herself (hence why she asks her man: “what will you say after you have killed me?”).

The “LEMONS” of the story are sour and saucy visuals that occupy the initial part of the video.

They transformation of being calm and collected which inspire forgiveness towards the conclusive chapters, when her husband’s face emerges, and she kisses him gently.

In the last chapter, she finds RESURRECTION. We see the LEMONADE. Only after following the succession of her sentiments as an emotionally wounded woman, is she reborn, reclaimed, and reawakened.

Thus inspiring women around the world you can do it too.

Can you see why I love this woman?



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