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Another Sunday, another  Wande Weekly! I don’t have much to say today! I was ill towards the end of last week so literally stayed in bed. I’ve been getting constant problems with my eyes that’s causing migraines. It’s just so annoying. I’ve been to doctors and opticians, and it still seems to persist! Anywho I’m going to try changing the bulbs in my room, to something brighter. Apparently this may be the cause of my migraines. I hope it works!

Anywho, it’s a new week ahead, and I’m glad because it’s going to be a super busy week.

Weight-wise I’ve been doing well. I’ve learnt that my body has tendencies to be huge, which Wande over here doesnt want! I had a slice of a cake… ok it was two slices, but literally three days later it showed up on the scales. I put on 2 pounds because if it, and being ill meant I couldn’t hit the gym. All I know is that my weight won’t defeat me, so bring on the fight. Note to self, no more slices of cake, even if its a small slice.

In case you missed any posts that I did in the week, you’ve got to read this spaghetti alternative that won’t pile on the pounds, my favourite hotel to let loose and distress, affordable ways to make your handbag last longer, and before I forget 6 things I’ve learnt from 6 years of blogging.

Lastly, snap chat – I’m addicted to it. I’m so obsessed with it, so come over and follow me there! My username is Wandesworld. Are you on snapchat? Who are your favourite people to follow? Drop your names in the comments so I can follow you. Let’s chat there! See you on Snapchat!

Have a great week guys x



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