Of all the things to take care of, your handbag tends to show the kind of person you are. Whether it be, scruffy, because your bag is falling apart or  careful because you treat your bag like fine silk. Generally speaking, handbags are quite durable but they do need a level of care to last the long run and reduce the signs of  the wear and tear.  I’m sharing 5 simple tips I have to maintain the pristine condition of your handbag.

1. Use products to help reduce wear and tear from the elements

Many of you may not know, but there are products available to keep your handbags in immaculate condition after use. I tend to spray my handbags with a rain and stain repellent for protection. (As it’s always raining in London, you don’t want your bag to have those annoying rain marks. In addition, I’ve tried to create a little routine by wiping down my handbags once in a while so stains don’t become apparent or long lasting, so it looks brand new.

2. Fill your bag to maintain it’s shape

Larger handbags may require a little more maintenance due to it’s size compared to my smaller handbags. I like to fill it with either a jumper or a scarf that I’m not wearing to maintain its shape. You can fill it with tissue paper or newspaper but I find it takes the shape better of softer material.

3. Dust bags are your handbag besties

Your handbag usually comes with a dust bag– whatever you do, keep them! They’re are perfect for protecting your bags when they are not in use. I’ve found that putting my leather handbags in their dust bags after use helps to maintain the luster of the leather.


4. Use a case to hold your liquids

If you ever see inside my bag. There are cases upon cases upon cases in my handbag. I have a makeup case, a hand and nail care case, and a perfume case. I just don’t want nothing spilling in my bag because I know that would literally ruin my life lol.  When I put them all into cases it helps me find my things easily and also when I switch bags, all I need to move is my wallet and my cases.

5. Store your bags on a shelf

I used to store my handbags in boxes under my bed, but when I had a pet  I soon realised that he liked handbags as much as I do because he’d always get at them!  Put them somewhere up high where they can be free from your pets.



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