I’ve been umming and arghing about becoming a vegan. I know you must think I’m crazy as most people can’t survive without meat. I’ll give you a little background to my meat consumption over the years. As I’ve a Nigerian upbringing, eating meat was the norm. However when I reached 17 years old, I took the wise words of a Rastafarian who educated me on pork, and why it’s not good for the human body!  Pork is the most unclean and disgusting animal in the world, and I just couldn’t understand why I’d be putting that in my body if my body is a temple.

This article here explains the cons of pork and why I decided to cut it from my diet. There are experiments of pouring coke on pork on youtube which are not pleasing.

At 17 years old, I cut out pork and only ate chicken, beef, and fish.

Moving along only one year later at age 18, I noticed that everything with beef was the most calorific. I wasn’t as health concious as I am now, but it did annoy me. I them learned there were lean beef, which was healthier but still felt they are a little calorific for me. Since spag bol was the only meal with beef I eat, I decided to cut out beef too.

This article here explains the cons of beef  and why I decided to cut it from my diet. 

At 18 years old, I cut out pork and beef and only ate chicken, and fish.

I made one of the most drastic decision of my food journey and decided to be a vegeterian. Now this was the hardest thing ever as I didn’t include fish. I suddently realised that eating meat was so normal amongst friends and family. If I’d visit a carribean friend and tell her I dont eat meat, I’d literally have plain white rice on my plate 0_O. Times like that I’d cave in. I did this for about a year and a half before resuming back to eating chicken and fish. There was not a reason per say as to why I did this, I just went off meat, and wanted to experiement.

At 19 years old, I cut all meat and only ate vegetables including eggs, cheese, and  cow’s milk.

After resuming fish and chicken consumption. Something drastic happened again. I didn’t like chicken. Can you believe that???!!!! I just didn’t like the taste so  I stopped eating chicken by the age of 21. I’ve realised that I’ve become extemely picky with how I liked my chicken cooked, and more often that not I didn’t like the taste. Even Nandos didn’t get it right, so chicken wings was the next best thing. I dabbled in and out of chicken consumption to see if perhaps it was a phase, but more and more I just didn’t like it.

At 21 years old, I cut all meat and only ate fish and vegetables ( including eggs, cheese, and  cow’s milk).

I bacially had become a pescerterian AGAIN lol. I’ve lived like this for the best part of my adult life.


However now I’ve been intrigued by veganism, I think I can do it however what do I do when I go to Nigerian celebrations or dinner with friends? Not eat? Bring my food?  This all sounds a little too strange for my liking. Also, there are 3 things that I love more than anything, shrimp, prawns, eggs, and halloumi cheese. If I fully commit to veganism then I have to give them up for good. *sigh* What is a girl to do!


I found a solution! I’ll be a VAGUE-AN. I literally learnt this term yesterday through work collegues. This is when you eat prodominately vegan, but you’re not depriving yourself of animal products when they are presented to you. It doesn’t mean I’ll be eating fish  and cheese everyday, however at social gatherings or places where you’re not able to check the ingredients in the food I’ll just eat. However I’ll never eat, pork and beef again though. Chicken? Perhaps once a year (if that) to see if I still dont like it. Fish and prawns? Maybe once a month.  Halloumi cheese and eggs?? That may be a more frequent. The point for me being Vague-an is so that I don’t feel guilty if I’m faced with a situation where I have to eat an animal product, or worse starving myself.

This sits very well with me because I’m not restricted to one dietry type. I feel so free about this! If you want to learn more about Vague-anism you can look into it here.

What about drinks?

Vegan alcohol does exist, but ain’t nobody got time for that. My first search for it wasn’t even available. There a website called barnivore which you can check any alcohol to see if it’s vegan. The alcohol I consume  the most is Malibu and Disaronno and they are both vegan so no changes there lol. Thank God for that!

I hope this post helps you! Let’s me know what your food journey you are on? Can you just never give up meet? Comment below?



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