I lied in the title. Personally, I wanted to explore and share more products from the Beauty Blender brand, rather than just the beauty blender itself. I ‘m going to share the following with you all. I have the Beauty Blender in classic pinkwhite, and black, the micro mini duos, the sur.face, as well as the air.port which is the travel case.


Let’s begin with the sur.face. With some parts of skin being red, other parts being slightly yellow. I’m not someone that has a one size fits all foundation, so the back of my hand served as my mixing palette for many years. The sur.face is one step ahead from the back of your hand. I  mixed the foundation using the flexible spatula and started from the chin area. I then mix another shade which is more yellow and use to highlight the usual areas of my face such as the forehead, under eyes, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and chin area. To make sure it matches, I simply hold up the surface near my face to ensure I have the right shades for my skin without any foundation even touching my skin. The great thing is there is another clear surface which you can write the shades on, so you won’t forgot what the mixes are. Not only can you use this to create custom foundations, but you can use this for cream eyeshadow, cream blushes, lipsticks and lipglosses.




Everyone and their mama have a Beauty Blender now, it’s probably due to the fact that it’s latex free and fragrance-free so people with sensitive skin can use it.  For years, we’ve been looking for streak free finish to apply makeup. Fast forward from 2010 when we all loved the duo fibre brush, the beauty blender is rapidly making its way as a trusted staple in our makeup bags.

In all honesty, I don’t use Beauty Blender every day. I have 15 mins to do my makeup for work in the mornings, so I reserve the use of the beauty blender for weekends and events where I have more time to spend. I can always tell when I’ve used the Beauty Blender because my makeup is always on fleek and perfectly blended like when I did this face on Instagram and you all loved it! I find that when applying foundation then concealer on top  you barely see it as it’s sheered out too much. I need everyone to know that I highlighted so I put the concealer in the usual places, then foundation around it. Following on I just blend, so you don’t see any harsh lines. One tip, though: don’t spray the beauty blender with water, as you don’t get the full effect.  When you douse it in water, and squeeze out then excess 3-4 times before use. Trust me it’s life!


The strangely named air.port is the portable travel case made with mesh for ease of drying I presume. You can use it, wash it, and run before your gate closes and know that your beauty blender is trying in the process.


The micro mini duo. Hmm. It’s recommended use is highlighting and contouring. I didn’t really see a necessity for this. I found it quite fiddly to work with. I think there should be something which helps me to grip the minis a little better. To be honest, the beauty blender works far better than the minis for me.





Another travel-friendly product here is beautycleanser solid form, which is perfect for popping in your hand luggage. At least that’s one less leakage to worry about. There is an ever so slight lavender fragrance which is free from dye and anything that can irritate the skin. Blendercleanser I’ve found myself using the beautycleanser solid to clean my eye makeup brushes. It’s so therapeutic. Plus, a little goes a long way, so use sparingly to remove build-up and banish bacteria.




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