I know, I know, I committed the ultimate blogging sin and stopped blogging for a few months. Especially when I started the year with a new redesigned blog, beautiful photography, and uplifting content to last for 12 months.  It all came to a halt when I wrote my last sponsored post about vaginas, how ironic. To be honest with you I’ve not been feeling very uplifted, in fact I’ve been feeling very demotivated, upset, and about life. It;s like it’s I’m completely out of control.

The year started off amazing, by getting engaged in March. However, it’s not all be diamonds and roses. Since the whole Barbados trip. I had been visiting Michael in a detention centre for 3 months, then followed by spending most of my holiday going to court, so I’m not really excited about being engaged any more, and don’t know if I’ll ever will be until this nonsense is over.

I know my blog is about my life, but it would be fun just seeing images of me in bed sleeping and crying wish for the end year to come sooner. I’ve tried to put on a brave face, but I’m all out of smiles. I started back at the beginning of the week otherwise I felt like I would loose my sanity.

Rather than wait till the end of the year, I’m just going to try and escape the best way I know how, which is blogging. I’m sorry if I’ve let you down, and hopefully I will find myself again I tear at a time.



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