Usually, I wouldn’t do a post on Batiste, simply because it’s not catered to my kind of hair, but I’ve found a perfect use for it! Hair Extensions! We all know how easily our hair extensions can become a grease ball. Most weekends I’d rather have a pampering weekend whilst being fed fruits into my mouth. Not that that ever happens lol!
I’m sure you can relate to the not so exciting or glamorous lengthy process of washing conditioning, blow-drying, and straightening process. Something that usually takes about 4+ hours has been reduced to 10 mins. You just spray the Batiste dry shampoo (the cherry flavour is the best) to the root and body of your hair extensions and guess what you’ll have fly, clean looking greaseless tresses to bounce around on your day.
It’s such a cool quick fix that saves me a tremendous amount of hours of time for the super busy days when you just haven’t got the time to do the works. The range includes the original clean and classic dry shampoo, but now they’ve developed 6 other scented versions. My favourite versions are cherry and blush because it just smells as if I’ve just washed my hair extensions using something sweetly scented. If you’re like me and like to skip the process of washing your hair extensions every weekend, then trust me try it, or watch the videos below at least?
Please note I’m not saying do away with your shampoo, I’m not going to be the reason that your extensions are not cooperating, lol.

Video sponsored by Batiste, all opinions are my own



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