Lady bits. Flower. Va-jay-jay. Coochie. Whatever you call it, most people prefer synonyms to the actual word. Yes, you’ve guessed it: Vagina….VAGINA….V-A-G-I-N-A!

All these words to refer to vagina highlight how uncomfortable and concealed our vaginas have become. Why have vaginas become so covert? Correct me if I’m wrong, but vaginas are not assassins so I’m unsure why they’re so hidden from open discussions.

There are many assumptions and notions generated by the media about vaginas, which are inevitably internalized. Would we still be obsessed with our vaginas if the media paid less attention to it? (probably: vaginas are bloody awesome – excuse the (period) pun) Sometimes, I wonder if I truly own my body – because I’m constantly told otherwise.

Today we’re talking about, and taking back, our vaginas.

Vagisil, a brand dedicated to women’s health, education and well-being, found close to half (42%) of 2,000 women surveyed side-step any conversations about intimate health issues because they feel too embarrassed.

Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes; despite their differences, we have a shared experience. Let’s bask in its beauty and (period) pains.

There are so many antiquated notions about the female anatomy, isn’t it time we moved away from this? Just like the rest of our body, our vaginas should benefit from special attention too.

We need to start having a real conversation about vaginas because if we don’t, we could be at risk of living in ignorance. If we want vaginas to become easier to talk about, we’ve got to initiate the change.

I mentioned this year would be about accepting ourselves and becoming better people. If we’re going become better people, we need better vaginas too. Let’s #EndEmbarrassment with Vagisil.

This post is sponsored by Vagisil, but all thoughts are my own. More for information, check out Vagisil’s website and youtube.



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