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Wilkinson Sword is one of those brands that is a classic, and has been around for an age, actually since 1772. One thing that Wilkinson have been known for is it’s precision and craft of their blades.  When I had used their razor previously, there was no doubt that I would use anything else other than Wilkinson Sword, so I was intrigued by their latest action packed cinematic video which you can watch below.  The video is created so well as it’s a love story with some frisky four play and a lot of heart racing action.


Wilkinson Sword has a wealth of rich heritage that you get a feel from the setting of the film, but shows it’s quite playful in the sword duel, acting as a metaphor for what Wilkinson Sword razors do: ‘free your skin.’ As a user of the brand, I’m quite intrigued to see what new products they’ll bring from the range, but before I digress, do have a look at the film. It has got me thinking though! I’d love to try sword fighting, and  have my knight and shinning armour cut me out of my glorious red dress for an intimate moment. OK I’m getting a bit 50 Shades on you, so I’m going to leave it for you to watch the film below, and let me know your thoughts.


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