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Goodness me, it’s actually been ages since we caught up. I thought I’d give you a low down of how I’ve been keeping. Rewind to January, it was an exciting start to the year, but suddenly the hustle and bustle of life hit. I’m working on a few things behind the scenes (as always) and some have come into fruition already which is great!

My Thoughtful Life

I’ve been thinking about things we count as problems. Here’s a little back story. I didn’t realize how sometimes I can take things for granted. I’m so used to jumping into a car of some sort to reach my destination, however a few months back it wasn’t an option due to investing into more important things, anywho, I found myself complaining at the distance I have to travel to visit people that are close to me, including, dare I say my beloved bf. I brought this up at work and I was blown away. Well, my colleague travels to France pretty much every weekend or every other weekend to see her boyfriend and family, another moved from Essex to Kent, and another moved countries (New York to London) to be with his girlfriend, and here I was complaining about travelling 2 hours to mine. It puts things into perspective, because dare I say it, I was basically being a spoilt brat. Something that came to mind was don’t things for granted, because you don’t know anyone else’s struggle. I’d rather travel 2 hours each weekend that travel to another country knowing that that following week is already messed up with the time differences. I’m talking losing an hour sleep here.

My Current Life

I’m not going to backtrack to January here, but February has been amazing. I was able to visit Cambridge for Valentine’s day, also I’ve been wearing too much khaki. I was able to attend London Fashion Week, which was amazing. This is what I wore on day 1 and day 2. I’ve also been recording with the W Talk ladies, so you can listen to our latest podcasts here, or better still download it from iTunes. I also wrote a post about being consumed by the internet, and letting affect your life.

My Hopeful Life

I’m definitely always working on me, and forever trying to be more organised. Well, I get great joy from making lists so I get stuff done. Am I sad?



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