Valentine’s day literally swept me off my feet and placed me on a bed of petals. Considering my past track record, I’m used to a) longing for a valentine admirer or b) being with someone who doesn’t celebrate it. As many of you know I am head over heels with my dream boo. He’s genuinely the best, and although he’s not a fan of FORCED CELEBRATIONS e.g. he likes to buy a gift because he wants to (not because it’s Christmas or Valentines), he made a massive effort this year.

Awww just walked into my hotel room and saw this. What a sweetheart! #inlove

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To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything because every day feels like Valentine’s Day with my sweetheart. I’m already treated like a queen so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into my room to find a bed laid with flowers, chocolate, and a card.

I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t help but blurt out “Aww, my sweetheart”. This was only the beginning: I had a few moments to get dressed before being seated at a candlelit dinner. Everything happened so quickly; I didn’t have time to process it.

After dinner, we went back to the room so I had the pleasure of reading my card. It had just the amount of humour and sentiment to send shivers down my spine.

The following day started with a valentine’s day brunch, followed by a museum visit. I got to discover a new side to my sweetheart thanks to our little trip. Shortly after, we went for a riverside walk in Cambridge. It all felt so easy plus it’s great to enjoy the company of your love through a scenic walk.


Taking a beautiful walk around Cambridge and I saw this beauty!

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As a fan of the 50 shades of Grey Trilogy, I was super excited to see the movie. It was the biggest let down EVER. I guess it was inevitable: whenever Hollywood tries to make a movie from a successful novel, there’s always something missing.

To seal off our Valentine retreat, we finished the night with dinner at a little Italian restaurant. I actually had an amazing time, and didn’t want to leave. Cambridge: thank you, I’m sure we’ll be reunited soon.


How was your Valentine’s Day?



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