New year, better you – which also means experimenting and coming out of your comfort zone.
When it comes to make-up, there’s always one thing that upgrades a look: lipstick. I love that it’s minimal effort, yet it can instantly transform an outfit and brighten up your face.
Now, before I get into the details of which lipstick I like to use and why, I’ve got to admit I’ve come on a long journey before arriving here.
With so many options and various ways of applying lipstick, it’s hard to know which one(s) are right for you. I wish I had a guide when I was experimenting which outlined exactly what to expect. I didn’t, but you do.

Below, I’ve complied a list of all types of lip products you can find on the market.

The Lipstick

This is one is the most obvious. It’s the reigning champion. It comes in various finishes. With a lipstick we have satin, matte, nourishing or even sheer. Sometimes, a classic lipstick is always best.

Suggestions: Nars, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Illamasqua

The Lip liner

 This is best friends with lipstick, but a good friend alone nonetheless. If you want a defined, long lasting finish, then apply all over lips as opposed to lining them. Always works a charm.

Suggestions:  Guerlain, Nars, Chanel, Urban Decay

The Lacquer

The Lacquer is a new formulation that hit the market last year. Floats like a liquid, stings like a stain. Well… it doesn’t sting at all. In fact, it’s the easiest way to have a precise application plus they’re readily available in bold shades. If you don’t have time to create the type of look you want. They are high in intensity and give a gorgeous glossy finish.

Lip Gloss
These have been around for ages, so not much of an introduction is needed, but if you’re looking for hi shine, glossy lips with easy application, then look no further.
Suggestions: YSL, Bobbi Brown, Nars

Lip Crayon
Matte and bold. Easy to apply and long lasting
Suggestions: Lord and Berry, Bourjois Nars

Lip Stain 
Sheer and subtle. Perfect for the daytime and if you want something understated. This is perfect for the working girl. This is what I’m wearing most of the time at my day job.
Suggestions: Revlon, Stila,

Lip Butter
If you’re a fan of lip balms, then this might be for you. In addition to the usual moisture and easy application, it will give you a little tint of colour.
Suggestions: The Body Shop, Clinique, Zoeva

What’s Your Favourite Lip Finish?



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