I know it’s way too early to talk about sunscreen, but did you know that it should be worn all year round because you just don’t know what harmful rays are eating away at your skin. If there is anyone that has banged on about using sunscreen is me. Using sunscreen has been the best thing that has happened to me because my hyperpigmentation on my face hasn’t got any darker since.

To raise awareness of the importance of sun protection, NIVEA Sun has teamed up with American artist, Thomas Leveritt, to launch a new film that uses an ultraviolet (UV) camera to demonstrate the effectiveness of sunscreen. It’s actually quite incredible to watch. See the video below. Something that Leveritt says that really caught my attention was “being able actually to see the sun damage changed that message from an intellectual one to an emotional one”.
It just goes to show you that seeing is really believing. Hopefully I hope this helps in banging on about using sunscreen. If you are of colour too, although our skin loves the sun, it’s still good to put a little sunscreen on.
More images on the sunscreen can be found here. You can find out more about this campaign by heading over to the Nivea’s Facebook, to see more insightful fact about sunscreen.
In the words of Leveritt himself… hopefully, people will watch the film and think, yeah, sunscreen’s not such a bad idea”

*Sponsored by Nivea

Will you wear more sunscreen now? 



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