Ladies – we all know the importance of double cleansing and investing in good serums. However, what’s more vital is eating well. Take care of yourself from the inside and you’ll reap the investment.  
Sometimes it’s easy to forget how essential maintaining a good diet is. 
I eat a lot of spinach, avocado, salmon and eggs and it’s definitely aided my journey to smooth skin. Fatty acid act as a natural moisturiser. I mean feel it – oh sorry I forgot I was typing. Trust me when I say don’t be afraid of fats.
Omega 3 Rich 
Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because I think we occasionally forget to take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy diet. Even adding one Omega-3 rich ingredient to your meals will have a positive effect. Not only will your skin look better – your immune system, mood and overall health will evolve into a stronger, better you. For firm and younger looking skin, make way for foods rich in Omega-3 that preserve collagen and maintain firmness. In addition to improving skin, it reduces inflammation including asthma.
Flaxseed and Kale
So, are there any foods you swear by? If not, are you tempted to try? I want to try flaxseed and Kale for their heart healthy properties, but I’m scared. Let’s be honest: trying new food can be daunting. However, if there’s health benefits to be enjoyed, it’s always worth the effort. 

What foods do you swear by?



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