Well, hello there! The run up to Christmas is crazy. Especially in advertising! Rather than spending my time gallivanting around London and finding new places to eat, I’ve been recovering from the week, and then going straight into the next. I have to say it does feel good seeing your work on billboards and TV adverts.
I’ve never turned down so many functions. I feel like a grandma! As I was relaxing, I managed to catch up on a Scandal. I’m so happy that Jake is out of that prison. I hope they electrocute Olivia dad. He’s so evil!
A few posts a go, I mentioned that I am part of a new digital talk show called W Talk. It’s a women’s lifestyle show that discusses everything that affects us. We cover everything from pouting to politics. I’d love to hear your feedback, as we’ve had a few great discussions via email.
For those that don’t know I’ve started uploading videos to YouTube again. Here’s the reason why I’ve been away. I explain why I’ve been gone for so long, as many of you have been quite upset with me. I’m back though!
How was your weekend?



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