Today is my birthday. Although I was spoilt rotten on Friday by the BF, it sure is nice to actually recuperate from the shenanigans that he planned.
Friday started with me having as much beauty sleep during the day so I slept until the twinkling stars at night woke me up. I prepared to get ready. I found it slightly difficult to pack simply because I had no idea what was planned.
I stepped outside to find Bentley in my driveway. I was literally speechless. I straightened my back and  walked over to the car, and out popped the driver, who put my suitcase in the boot and opened the door for me to get in. 
I was accompanied by the BF in the back. I tried to stay calm, you know, so that the driver wouldn’t think I’m crazy. Suddenly my excitement was released without my consent. “OMG I’m in a Bentley, this is so cool”. I LOVE the interior. It’s so comfortable. I proceeded to tell my BF that we should let Bentley design the interior of our house. LOL. I told the driver that he’s now my permanent driver for ever. We rocked up to Hakkasan. It’s a Chinese cuisine in the heart of Mayfair. I’ll give you more a review in the week, but the food was delish!

Next we took a little tour around London to see some of London’s Icon buildings, such as The London Eye, The Shard, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben, and Harrods. As much as I love London, and know the landmarks, I don’t think that I’ve ever taken the time out to admire its beauty especially at night.
I’m not sure if everything just looks good in Bentley, either way I had an awesome time. Next stop was the was the hotel. Now one of the things I like doing in staying in a hotel in London, and ensure room service and a spa, so I was a little nervous.
As we were staying in the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminister Bridge, I thought that the BF deserves an extra point seen as he has no clue about London. 
I’ve never stayed at the Park Plaza before, so it was a nice, and luxurious experience. From the draped curtains to the soft feather pillows, and bear hugging bed. I fully enjoyed a few more cocktails, then it was more room service till lights out!
Saturday morning consisted of brunch at the hotel bar and nice talk and stroll through to Covent Garden, in true tourist style. After peacefully strolling the shops I needed to ensure my feet were firmly back on the ground so we headed to Byron for a burger. 
I really enjoyed the two days, and today I’m doing nothing but relaxing and catching up on Scadal with hot chocolate.
In true celebration, I thought I’d let you know that I am back on YouTube.
Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!  I love ya 🙂



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