Earlier this week, I posted about transitioning into autumn with a pumpkin spice French toast recipe. We’ve got taste covered so let’s move onto the next one: scent.
There’s no better way to bring the warmth into your home by updating your furniture too. Pull out a soft rug, place a few candles around your home and wrap yourself in a wool blanket. To combat the cold, change colour schemes to darker ones that retain heat. One of the best ways I prepare for the transition in season is with diffusers. The allusion of warmth always triggers nostalgia of warmer climes whenever I walk through the door.
It’s so important a diffuser releases scents that are authentic because it really can make a difference to an atmosphere and more importantly, your mood.
I swear by reed diffusers by Heyland and Whittle, particularly the Jasmine and Lilac sent. Apart from being calming which is exactly what you need after a busy day, the blend of fragrances is light yet distinctive ensuring traces of jasmine and lilac linger throughout the evening.
Additionally, the floral scent pays homage to the summer and spring months I miss so it’s a pleasant reminder of months past and future.
I always feel rejuvenated and energised especially by the smell of lilac flowers. Kudos to Heyland and Whittle for achieving a diffuser which stays authentic to its description.
SO, now that we’ve got taste and smell covered, why not reach for a dark berry lipstick, some light knitwear and a stylish jacket to compliment your transition to winter.  I’ll also be trying out the orange spice candle – which I’m looking forward to telling you about.



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