My relationship with waxing has been complicated. It’s never been a smooth experience (pun – and pain intended!) so I was slightly apprehensive about reviewing the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll on Kit.
Many moons ago, I thought it would be a good idea to wax at home. Being the optimist that I am, I thought it would be an easy, affordable and efficient hair removal method. I thought wrong. So, unaware of the pain I was about to encounter, I popped a wax pot into the microwave as instructed. The directions said microwave for three mins – so I microwaved for three minutes. The directions said ‘apply a layer directly onto skin’ – so I applied a layer directly onto my lady parts having full confidence and assurance that following the instructions would bring me joy, satisfaction and smoothness. 
The directions lied. 
I was bewildered when the wax strips didn’t adhere to the wax. It was so thick that I could use my hands to peel it off. In fear my lady parts were about to suffer irreversible damage, I called a counsel with my friends to get advise; no one knew what to. Six hours were spent ripping the wax off leaving my lady parts sore, red, and bleeding. Never again to wax was my anthem for about two and a half years. 
So, you can imagine the fear is my eyes when I realised I was about to use wax again via the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit. Even before I began the process, I was enchanted by the design and appearance: I love trying techy beauty stuff. Presented in a hand sized white tablet (with an ergonomically designed middle to make grip easy) I was close to convinced it would work. My biggest hesitation was the amount of wax dispensed so I was happy to read it distributes the right amount of product for you (phew!). 
I waited just over 30 minutes before attempting my first leg wax, although it says 20 mins in the instructions (mostly because I was scared!). This time I started on my legs (I don’t think my lady parts will ever recover from the trauma of home waxing) and I’ve got to say: I was impressed. 
Not only does it take the mess out of home waxing whilst distributing the right amount onto my skin, it has great regulation that means it wasn’t too hot on my skin. The waxing strips worked a charm plus the complimentary finishing wipes took off all excess wax whilst nourishing and soothing my legs. The Veet Easywax Electrical Roll on Kit comes with a stand and an indication light that tells you when it’s ready to use. 
It’s also infused with pomegranate oil (smells so good!) and refills are available specially made for bikini and underarms.
 Admittedly, it wasn’t a completely painless experience but it’s definitely an investment worth making for a regular home kit wax. The refills are meant to last for four waxing sessions, so it’s more economical than wax strips but a little more expensive than wax pots.
I love it and worth the investment. Makes my waxing process so much easier, convenient and comfortable. 
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