So I’m sure you remember when I said back in March/April that I am having weekly treatments at sk:n clinic in Holborn to help with my hyper-pigmentaton.
A little back story, I have hyperpigmentation on my face, especially around my mouth, and I diagnosed myself with VERY dry skin. It turns out I have combination skin, and my skin was very dehydrated. For more about my skin condition you can read here. I’ve been going to sk:n every week since March to have the glycolic peel done, with each time we increase the time limit. I started at 2-3 mins and now the gel stays on my face for about 9 mins.
I thought it would be best to update and document my progress. Firstly, I’ll start with what’s changed.
The overall complexion of my skin, is brighter. My skin feels great, and I’ve learnt what my skin needs, and how to look after it. The more recent hyper-pigmentation marks have either disappeared, or noticeably faded away. however, we can see from the images below that the hyper-pigmentation around my mouth, is pretty much still there. It’s very stubborn as it’s been there for many many years.
I haven’t changed my skincare routine, or used any sk:n products on my skin thus far. The only thing I’ve changed is my moisturizer which is now Avene Light Moisturizer.
Personally, as I believed I had tried everything on the market, I felt that no product would ever help, so treatments were the way to go.
 This month, I’ve been advised to slow down on the treatments and incorporate a few products to my routine. Instead of having my usual four sessions a month, this month my therapist suggested I have  just one. I was a little dishearted by this decision as I really thought there was more progress with the peels than anything I’ve tried, but hey ho, they are the experts.
Before I press on, another backstory. My boyfriend has some really bad acne on his back. I took him to sk:n they recommended him a few products, and no joke after a week, I saw his acne start to disappear and his back look normal after one week. By the 4th week, it had disappeared… I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t make sense in my head, as in products did that. How?
I was explaining to my sister how amazing my boyfriend’s back was now due to sk;n clinic products. Now my sister has some problems under her chin. Without giving too much info she has a chemical imbalance so sometimes she has hairs on her chin. What’s worse is that sometimes they are ingrown. This made my sister’s chin really dark and spotty. As the beauty therapist that she is, she waxed, tweezed, and plucked every hair, as regularly as she could. I’m talking 2-3 times a week. It made her feel so insecure that she would smother more foundation than needed, wear polo necks, or even use her hair to hide it. I told her about my bf’s back, and maybe she should give sk:n clinic a try.
Now, as we do, we always seem to diagnose ourself with one thing or the other. In her case,  Acne! Acne removal products became stocked in the bathroom cabinets to help combat her under chin insecurity. When she attended her consultation, guess what… She doesn’t have acne. She has an irritation to whatever she’s doing there. Apparently her weekly beauty ritual was making her skin worse, not better. Her skin is very sensitive especially in that area, so they advised her to not use to use to many products.
sk:n suggested laser hair removal, and if there is any scarring then follow up with a glycolic peel. So far she’s had one treatment, and no joke guys, it has gone, with a few minor spots. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sister is so much happier, she put her hair in a bun, and no longer afraid to tie her hair back. It’s not so good news for my hair tie supplies. I had a whole box full, now I have one left. To ensure her progress is not a one hit wonder, she will be taking a course of 6-8 treatments.
My point of the story is. Always seek a professional and don’t start diagnosing yourself with things. Below are pictures of my progress with skin, so now I can say I’m excited to be trying products this month. Hopefully I can get the same kind of progress and results that my boyfriend and sister have received.
Note to self and everyone reading! Get professional help. Stop diagnosing yourself something without professional advise, even if it looks obvious. If I haven’t said already seek advice.Below are pictures of my skins progress.

Have you had any issues with your skin? Have you diagnosed yourself with something that was incorrect. Let me hear your story. Comment below.

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