I’m sure you know that I’m a fan of The Body Shop by now. When the argan oil frenzy kicked off, I was literally waiting for The Body Shop’s version. A little while later they did just that. I was invited down to the launch of the event in a beautiful and stunning Moroccan restaurant where they had belly dancing, henna hand designs going on. I had to take a quick look outside to check I couldn’t see camels in the far distance, because I started to feel like I was back in Morocco

The Wild Argan Oil consists of 9 products, but I loved the products soooo much that I ended up going to purchase the rest of the range. If you are familiar with The Body Shop product you’ll know they always produce a shower gel with a subsequent Body Butter and body lotion, however this time they’ve included more argan-infused, products like the multi-use Radiant Oil , the Miracle Solid Oil  and the Solid Lip Oil.

I thought I’d give you a little run down of the whole range.

First up is the body scrub which I found it to be exfoliating and nutritive to my skin. As it is a scrub, it does exfoliate your skin however the argan oil makes it super duper soft at the same time… so no stripping over here. If you’re a fan of nutty scents then you’ll love it.
You guys now that I’m not the biggest fan of the body butters. I’m have exceptionally dry skin, so I need something that is deeply moisturizing. What I usually do is but the matching oil from the range, and add it to the body butter for the perfect moisturizer. However The body butter have turned it up a notch by ensuring that I don’t have to have a mixology session due to the extra oils added. Yes ladies it’s that moisturizing!
The shower gel is incredible. Lathers like a dream, and my skin feels like I’ve been swimming in a pool of oil, so I’m soft and supple when I leave the shower.
If you’ve read my blog long enough you’ll know that my lips are always dry. I’m forever using blistex, but when I go to sleep I use the solid lip oil. It’s great for night time use. I usually put blistex on my lips, then slap this over the top of it.When I wake up in the morning it’s like I just applied it.



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