I think I’ve taken a long enough break from blogging. I’m not going to say I’m back with full force but I’m working my way up to it. Since this is more or less a catch up post, I thought I’d let you know what’s been going on with miss over here this summer.
For those of you that don’t know, I’ll give you a quick rundown of events since my last proper Wande Weekly. As you can tell by the pic above, I am in a new exciting relationship, which brings a smile to my face, heart, and life. He’s a bit social media shy, hence why you don’t see his face.
It’s been two months since I’ve been back from Thailand, and my life has been chockablock ever since. I got a new job which I’m completely in love with, in an advertising firm. Getting my head around going into work everyday soon after my holiday has been a bit of a whirlwind, but the love for it gets me up in the morning.
Anywho…here’s the rundown of my summer 🙂
smokey eye makeup look | dress I wore to dinner at Mango tree | deciding which mac to buy | cinema outfit 
Outfit for surprise dinner | new Bodyshop products  New Bodyshop’s launch in a moroccan restaurant | Celebrating 25 years of Magnum
More Bodyshop products | Nachos and Guac! | Vietnamese eating | Beautiful Sunset
My hair in process | My hair straightened | A weekend in Bath | Gorgeous day in Bath with my honey.
This footage below is the launch of Cheryl’s new fragrance launch event. She looked stunning right?

Thermae Bath Spa | A day at the zoo in Longleat | Summer work party outfit | hotel near work | 
Breakfast at the hotel | Breakfast at work | Team lunch (hangover cure) | my boo hanging my clothes up (lol) |casual dinner with the boo | drinks with a girl friend | a/w14 closet ready
My room still isnt finished yet. I’ve kind of abandoned it and as I decided to go on holiday. I felt a little uninspired as the inspiration behind it wasn’t exactly going to plan, and I keep changing  my mind for example, I know no longer want a gold bed frame any more.
I know I still owe you a thailand post, and vlog video, but my laptop is in repairs at the moment, when I get that back then I’ll get to editing all the footage and 10,000 pictures that I took.
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How has your summer been?



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