Ok, so I know you are expecting a full blown Thailand blog post and vlog. However I have over 10,000 photos (who knew I could take so many pictures) and 3 hours of footage. So while I’m back and preparing the photos and editing the vlog, I‘ll update you on all that I was trying to update before I left.

So anywho…. (thinking of where I left off) I’ve still got to tell you about my stay at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel with the lovely bf.  I also need to share with you my favourite skincare product, and give you an update on my sk:n peels, which are going to be starting back up again. I found the ultimate foot care product, which again, I need to update you on. Your feet will thank me for it. They are so soft now I have to fight off a certain someone from playing with them. 
I’ve been reading a new book, which has been quite hilarious called Break-Up Recipe; it’s not entirely as the name suggests. It’s more to do with a guys understanding of relationships. It’s hilarious! I’ll have more of an update on that when I actually finish the book.
Right now I’m off to an event, which I’ll probably be instagramming about.
I’m not sure if you know one of my favourite lenses broke in Thailand, which made me put down my dslr camera altogether. I’ve ordered a new lens so it should be here in a few days, so hopefully I’ll be back to outfit posts again.
I do need your help first though, which post should be next, smooth and sexy feet guide? Or Pestana Chelsea Bridge experience. Do comment, and maybe you’ll win something I bought from Thailand.
Next post idea? 
Sexy Feet Guide or My Hotel Experience?



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