Busy doesn’t even come close to describing what the last few weeks have been like. It’s actually mental. I’ve got some fabulous news to tell you. Firstly, I’m now a legitimate driver. I pass my test on 3rd of June which is great. I had the best driving instrutor in the world! Secondly, I’m in a lovely new relationship that I’m super duper happy about. My sweetheart is truly a sweetheart. I’m so happy and loving life at the moment. Lastly, I’m going to Thailand on Tuesday!!!! I’ve always wanted to go, so I’m going with for my friend Alistar’s birthday who you might remember from when I went to Calais in this vlog. There’s seven of us going, and I’m going to be vlogging over in my vlog channel.
I’ve been looking at recipes with eggs, and researching into the calories in eggs. Last week my foodie friend TJ had baked avocado and egg for lunch, it actually was orgasmic. You have to try it, we used this recipe. The bf did feel a little left out though lol. Do you have a foodie friend, that you just get super excited about food with? TJ and I get so excited when cooking together. We made the best salad in the world a few weeks ago at a barbeque that he hosted. It contains strawberries, nuts, avocado, lettuce, olives, feta cheese. It was divine. However serving it to Nigerians who pretty much don’t see anything past chicken, they really couldn’t appreciate the flavours.
I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and I don’t really talk about my faith or spirituality, but I’ve just finished reading this gripping book by Cezanne Poetess. It’s more to do with her spiritual journey to her freedom. Although it’s not all true, I did resonate with a lot of her points. There quite a few point’s that I did diasgree with for example her thoughts on Jesus being a metaphor as opposed to a being. Do have a read a let me know what you think.

A friend of mine got injured serious, so it feels like I’ve been spending my life on the phone with Leo Claims. Thank goodness that they are a fabulous bunch of people and their staff is great. It eases the situation massively.

I’m finally back on iPhone so, there’ll be more instagram photos from me again. 
I’ll see you in three weeks, when I get back from Thailand.
Thanks for all your support! 



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