Another date and another food post. I’m sure you can see that my love is looking up, but I’ll update you on that in a video. Last week I went to a restaurant that has been on my bucket list for ages. Having a bucket list of restaurants isn’t strange is it?  I went to the ever so popular Blue Elephant Restaurant situated in the heart of the newly modernized Imperial Wharf, in Chelsea. 
We were greeted by the elegantantly Thai themed decor that had me lost in its beauty for a few moments before we were taken to our seats. There was a small bowl of crackers already on the table. First things first, drinks! I’m always sold with anything with pineapple and coconut , so I selected the Sweet Solada, a non alcoholic drink with lychee, coconut Cream, apple juice, and pineapple. They were so tasty that I had three. 

Not only was this restaurant on my bucket list, but their tasting menu was, that way I could nibble on a bit of everything. They have two tasting menus: Amazing Thailand and Memories of Siam. My date was sold on the marinated free range chicken, accompanied by the home-made peanut sauce from the starter of Memories of Siam menu, but I was completely sold on the steamed salmon from the Amazing Thailand menu. We decided to go to separate tasting menus, but unfortunately it wasn’t an option  as the Amazing Thailand requires a minimum of two people, so we both opted for the Memories of Siam menu. 

After selecting our dishes, we were served with a complimentary Zakouski (appetizer).  The selection gifted from the head was Ma Hor, which was pineapple and sweet turnip with peanuts. The sauce is spicy Tomyam which is a traditional thai soup with lemon grass. 

My date on the other hand went for a bottle of the 2011 Minervois, Famille Léonor, Roussillon, France. Although in the end, I helped him finish the bottle by being served two glasses of wine.


Mixed Satay of Free Range Chicken and Bristish Buffalo: Mixed strips of grilled naturally reared British buffalo and marinated free range chicken, accompanied by our home-made peanut sauce and cucumber salad. 

Chef Nooror’s Ma Auan: Steamed minced chicken with crab meat and foie Gras – originally created during the reign of King Rama V. Served with a very spicy sauce separately. 

Catfish and Prawn Salad: Catfish and Prawn Salad of crispy catfish and grilled prawn with organic lemongrass and ginger, tossed in a spicy lime dressing.

Tom Kha Chicken: A soup of free range chicken and organic galangal with coconut meat from Thailand.

Fresh Lime Seabass: Steamed fillet seabass flavoured with lemongrass, fresh lime juice and crushed chilli. 
Wild Catch Black Pepper Prawns: Stir-fried with garlic and black pepper, topped with crispy organic lemongrass. 
Tamarind Duck: Slices of marinated duck breast grilled and served rare on a bed of seaweed, topped with exotic sweet & sour tamarind sauce. 
Chicken Panaeng: A rich curry of chicken and coconut milk flavoured with sweet basil
Coconut Rice: Thai “Hom Mali” rice cooked in coconut milk flavoured with Pandanus leaves.

Sodsai and Jasmine Cake: Sodsai is a Thai rice pudding made in coconut with a small piece of jasmine cake,garnished with pomegranate and strawberries.

I loved how they served the bill. It was in a very cute ceramic blue elephant.

Overall I loved the food, it was so tasty, and the fusion of flavours in my mouth with the exceptionally customer focused service, had me leaving with a massive smile on my face, heading back to the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel where I was staying. Oh gosh, I need to tell you about that too, maybe in tomorrows post.

Restaurant Details:
The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, Townmead Rd, London SW6 2UB

020 7751 3111

What are your favourite restaurants in London?



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