The last few weekends have crazy. I’ve been strolling home at like 9am from nights out. This is partly due to my new favourite late night diner called VQ24. VQ24 is a 24 hour cafe and dinner. It’s THE perfect spot for night owls, club hoppers and after-partying addicts, as they serve everything from all day breakfast, to burgers and hot dogs and salads which can be deemed as lunch, and dinner options such as   all day! As we usually stroll in at 5 or 6am with my new awesome foursome, there’s no better way to start/end the day right?

The menu is reasonably priced, so you’re bound to find something you like on the menu. For drinks we had (from left to right) a mocktail called Hot Passion which consisted of grapefruit juice, sugar syrup, fresh chilli, and a drop of lemon juice.  Candy, was a strawberry puree, soya milk, vanilla syrup, chocolate powder, and whipped cream concoction garnished with fresh strawberries. Lastly, my choice was a VQ Smurf, which contained soya milk, passion fruit puree, pineapple juice, garnished with Blue Curacao syrup coconut shavings on the rim of my glass. The best drink was Candy, hands down. The alcohol licence at VQ Russell Square is from 8pm to 2am hence the mocktails choices instead of coctails.

Some of us ordered two drinks, a few Sprites, which is not pictured, and a latte (pictured above). We loved the design on the latte’s. It stayed in tact right till the end. 
Some ordered breakfast, whilst others ordered dessert, and some a combination of the two, which included both pancakes, ice cream and bacon lol. I couldn’t see myself eating pancakes at that ungodly hour so I opted for actually breakfast pictured in the bottom right. I didn’t like the scrambled eggs much, as there wasn’t any taste to it, but when I went again on another occasion the fried eggs were a better choice.
The staff were amazing, and the banter was great. We were always the loudest table full of jokes and laughter.

One fourth of the awesome foursome, the lovely Jennie looking gorgeous at 5am in the morning with no touch ups. I couldn’t even take a picture lol. I looked ghostly ha!

111a Great Russell Street
Have you been you VQ?



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