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OK, so this post has been a long time coming. I’ve complained about my skin for years, and you’ve followed me through the journey of trialling endless skin care products with empty promises. It’s time to seek professional advice. 
My Skin Issues
As you may or may not know I have major hyperpigmentation issues, especially around my mouth and a little around my eyes, leaving my skin looking like it’s channeling the monochrome fashion trend. It’s hideous! This might be too much info, but hey, you guys are my friends, so here it goes. You know when you’re spending the night at your boyfriend’s house, and you dred taking off your makeup because you know he might confuse you for an alien. I would literally have the quilt over my mouth whilst trying to have a conversation. I’m not sure why or how this made sense in my head  because the conversation is never smooth. Now it’s just getting ridic.

This is my bare face without any makeup on at all. You can see the hyperpigmentation is around my mouth and chin area.
What is Hyperpigmentation?
 If you didn’t know, hyperpigmentation is very common amongst African, Mediterranean, Latin, and Asian skin. It’s darkening of an area of skin caused by the overproduction of pigment or melanin.  Hyperpigmentation is caused overexposure to the sun; sun damage; heredity; picking at the skin; hormonal changes; certain medications such as antibiotics, hormone treatments and antiseizure drugs; and inflammation and skin injuries
SK:N Consultation
Two weeks ago I attended the sk:n clinics in Holborn for a skin consultation. The ladies at the Holborn Clinic are so lovely. They are totally enablers too, as I ended up on an impromptu shopping trip.
I was seen by a lovely lady called Hayley, who is extremely knowledgeable about skin. I had a ton of questions and she totally demystified some skincare myths that I had. Like the fact that I don’t have dry skin. Can you believe for years I’ve been telling you that I have dry skin, and in actual fact I have combination skin. My forehead and cheeks are congested, therefore it produces oils, whereas the rest of my face is dry. 
But get this, the reason why I thought my skin was dry is because it’s extremely dehydrated. As soon as she cleansed my faced, it instantly went dry, and my face felt tight. Personally, I think it’s from years of being friends with the fan heater, and showering in excessively hot water.
This means all the scrubs, brightening treatments and products that dry out my skin  have been totally in vain. I just needed more hydrating products, and use it more often, less hot baths, and disown my fan heater. 
The sk:n Verdict
We walked through a number of treatments to try, with an extensive list of products to use. I’m so going to show you a skincare routine post and video once I’ve  got on with my products. We’ve decided to run a course of Glycolic Peel  treatments over the next few weeks, on a weekly basis.
With the Glycolic Peel you can achieve glowing, fresh skin with quick results and minimal downtime. This is just what I need. I just don’t have the time for down time. The Glycolic peel is a non-toxic chemical solution swept over the skin to exfoliate and encourage collagen production and cell renewal.  
It’s a natural substance derived from sugar cane, to penetrate into pores and lift off debris, leaving skin looking smooth and clear. The top two layers of the epidermis are removed to stimulate growth of new, healthy skin. This is the most gentle peel of all chemical peels and is suitable for treating sun spots, acne scars, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic peels are suitable for darker skin. (Prices from £40)
A consultation at sk:n clinics with the Nurse is free. I’d totally recommend this because once you learn about your skin, you will know what products to actually buy or diagnose yourself with, as apposed to using the wrong thing for years. You’ve got nothing to lose.  If however you book yourself in to have a consultation with a doctor it will cost £140.
I’ll keep you updated on my journey to perfect skin with pictures, and I’ll let you know how I get on.
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Have you had any skin treatments before?



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