Hey guys! Enjoying your weekend. Mine was erhhmmminteresting. I haven’t updated you for a few weeks, so let me go ahead. A few weekends ago, I went this place called VQ, it was so nice there. It’s basically a 24 hour cafe and dinner. It’s a great option for after club food, rather than having a horrible greasy kebab and chips. I’m going to do a proper post, as the food is gorgeous. The below picture was our drinks we had at like 5am after a club we went to.

Last week was really chilled, I spent it putting up furniture for my new room. I keep saying its almost done, but now I don’t think we are anywhere near done. I thought once you buy the furniture, you put it up and your done right? Wrong. The design in some places have changed due to things not fitting exactly how I planned, or adding things that I like. One problem is that I have soooo many clothes and shoes, and it currently doesnt fit in the allocated space. So… Do you know what that means? CLEAR OUT TIME, which really means MASSIVE EBAY SALE!!!! I have clothes that still have tags on that I’ve fallen out of love with, you you‘ll be in for a treat.   
This weekend was a fun filled with house parties with Jennie,  pranking friends, and we went to a bar in Chelsea called Kona Kai. Today was a chilled day, of watching web series, and eating Dominos Pizza. Seriously though Insanity is calling me.  

Origins Brighter By Nature | Selfie | Breakfast/Dinner at VQ| Hotel Breakfast.

I’m off to grab dinner. Nandos it is, as it’s the only healthy option I can think of right now. I hope you had a good weekend. I’ve got quite a few posts for you.

How was your weekend?



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