I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but my mother is currently away living it up in Nigeria. I actually miss her dearly. The house is so quiet without her warm spirit, continuous jokes, and wise words, and not to mention her cooking. I know no other person on this planet can prepare a home cooked Nigerian meal the way she does, but I was seriously craving Nigerian food.
When I heard that a new Nigerian restaurant had opened, I thought I might give it a try. 280 Degrees is new Nigerian restaurant that is based in the heart of North West London. Kilburn to be exact.  
I took my friend Nikki along to try out the food with me. Firstly I was blown away by the decor. It’s so gorgeous in there. It’s very modern but there are beautiful paintings that appreciate the Nigerian art, like the picture below. 

I loved this accent wall. The owner said is especially made in Germany. 

I remember having a conversation with Nikky, saying that I’ll try and eat healthy.  I now understand why she burst out laughing. As soon as I saw puff puff on the menu, my healhy eating went out of the window. For those of you that dont know puff puff is almost like a donut with out the icing. They are made of dough containing flour, yeast, sugar, butter, salt, water and eggs and deep fried in vegetable oil until golden brown. You can see why Nikky laughed now right? Not the most healthiest of options to go with.

After enjoying my delicious puff puff, I was served the main. I decided to opt for no rice, due to my starter. I went with Moi Moi, Plaintain, and Fish. The food tasted divine. The fish wasn’t too spicy, not as spicy as I have at home, but it was seasoned very well.

Nikky went for fried rice, plantain and a portion of meat. beef to be exact. The rice tasted a little bland. I mentioned it to the owner, he he stated that he doesn’t want just Nigerians to eat. He wants people of all  races to try it. When I looked around the restaurant I saw a Chinese couple tucking to some egusi stew. I was so surprised. I tried so hard to to look around and stare.
The service was great, and he went around to check how we were and other customers were doing.
If you’re trying Nigerian food for the first time, by all means go to 280 Degrees. It’s gorgeous decor, amazingly flavoured meat and chicken, with nice food presentation.
For more information:

280 Degreess, 280 Kilburn High Rd, London NW6 2BY
Have you tried Nigerian Food before?



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