A couple of years ago, I wasn’t really bothered about eye cream. I used to think it was a gimmick. What’s wrong with putting your face moisturizer around your eyes? To think that I ever breathed those words. Oh, how times have changed. Ever since I decided to take my skin a bit more seriously, I realized how important eye cream is. Especially with the ones I’ve tried that bailed me out of my ever so chic panda eyes look, that I was sporting for a while. 

HealGel Eye is my new product love at the moment. HealGel Eye provides a pick-me-up for tired eyes and improves the elasticity of the skin through intensely hydrating the eye area through micro circulation. The dual action hyaluronic acid complex locks moisture deeper into the skin and firms the eye contours. HealGel Eye contains a unique combination of Arnica and Madecassoide suspended in liposome with powerful peptides and biodynes to boost collagen and soothe the skin. The skin is brightened and smoothed by light diffusers contained within the light, refreshing formula which helps to brighten the eyes.
Although I saw loads of rave reviews about the HealGel Eye product, but the fact that it was gel, was just so off putting for me as I don’t think gel products are effective on my skin.  However, after finally trying the HealGel Eye, I’ve been so impressed with the quality and the effectiveness of it. HealGel Eye comes in a bottle pump in gorgeous pastel blue packaging.  I don’t use a full pump of this each time I use the product. Half a pump is more than enough for both eyes. I lightly tap it around the eye area using my ring finger until it has fully absorbed. It feels light and refreshing and leaves skin feeling smooth I’m super surprised to see that my dark circles have significantly reduced. I actually feel comfortable to go out without concealer around my eyes. Although it doesn’t happen often due to it being a routine. 
I’m loving the HealGel Eye so far, at it will last me literally 6-12 months, so your average cost per use is literally pennies.
HealEye Gel ~ £32 ~ Free Shipping



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