Many of you guys know that I have changed my diet a few years ago now. Gone are the days that I munched on carbs like its a kids snack. I love to try new delivery diet foods, as they can really help with portion control, and food options.
Todays review is from Illumi,  a gluten nut, and milk free food delivery service. The food is developed by the same people who prepare food the ready meals at Selfridges and Marks and Spencer.  They are free from allergens and the ingredients are locally sourced.  I decided to try 7 days worth of food, which came with a meal plan which was very informative.

The package came in a massive box, which my post man struggled to carry lol. The first thing I noticed after ripping the box apart was the lightweight packaging. The packets do not need to be refrigerated, they just need to be stored at room temperature, so these were stored in my cupboard. They can only be microwaved and not heated in an oven, as I’m guessing it will change the nutritional value.
The pouches can be easily opened with your hands by using the tear slits on the side of the packet. The instructions are on the front of the packet (this makes a good change) and the ingredients are clearly labelled.
Breakfasts and snacks
For breakfast the only option was I’ve posted a variety of posts about what I eat for breakfast (see here and here), so I’m used to having quite varying options, so eating porridge everyday was extremely difficult for me. I searched the box expecting there to be more options, but it slowly became a reality that this was it. For anyone who likes the routine of having the same breakfast every day this is ideal. The porridge was okay, but personally I found it a bit boring every day. I switched it up by using almond milk, and adding sliced bananas, sultanas, agave nectar as well as chopped walnuts. The porridge was very filling and kept me full for a few hours.
Snack time! I LOVED the biscuits, they were so sweet and crunchy. I was super excited to try the oatcakes. On there own it left me disappointed, but dipped into hummus, or adding cheese and salmon helped slightly.
The soups were super tasty, they were the perfect balance of flavour and texture. I think these are great in the winter months too. The lamb casserole were tasty, it had large chunks of lamb in a beautiful rosemary and mint gravy, with sliced potatoes and carrots. All the lunch options I had were delicious. It made my lunch that more exciting since its normally a date with my computer at the desk at times.

Dinner, hmmm. I enjoyed the change of food in my diet. I really enjoyed the richness of the sauces for the evening meal selection. A few days in it became slightly boring as there were a lot of curries, which slowly started the same. I love when my food is rich and full of flavour, but then I forgot there was actually meat in the dishes, as the size of the chunks of chicken were rather small. Almost shredded. OK, slight exaggeration, but I’m sure you get my drift.
While options were great, with the foods tasting great, I would appreciate more variety, especially for dinner. Rather than rice, perhaps some vegetables. (I did add some on a few of my meals, to make my food more interesting). The food is nutritionally balanced, which is always a plus, but they definitely need to work on offering more options at breakfast and dinner.




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