Three weeks without a Wande Weekly posts. My life has been massively cray to document in the moment, that I’ve had to live it, experience it, then later, share it. My last post, which was to do with a lot of reflecting, so it was time to have some fun. 
I’ll start from where I left off, shall I? Ok, so a few weekends ago, I was a part of a photoshoot for this up and coming project. It’s been kind of nerve racking as the project has felt like a document saved on my laptop or scheduled meetings. It suddenly became VERY real. The shoot was so much fun, and emotional too. Ahh, I can’t wait to reveal the lovely girls on this project that I’m apart of. Seriously, things like this make me love my job in the advertising/ marketing / branding world. 
Two weekends ago was chockablock too, as I had to help my mum pack for her trip to Nigeria, as well accompany her on her travels to the airport. You’d think it was to see her off. Oh no, it was to take home any excess items that tipped the scales at the airport.Even after weight her luggace a million times at home. Typical. Just typical. 
On the Saturday was the beauty guru and friend BeautybyJJ’s birthday. Initially I was only going to go to dinner part, but we had soooo much fun, that I ended up spending the whole weekend and then some with her. We did dinner at Busaba, clubbed in Kilburn, stayed awake till the morning, where I took an impromptu drive to Colchester to race on the motorway (don’t ask why lol), back to Jennie’s hotel, and breakfast at The Grange Hotel in St Pauls. Again, bearing in mind we still hadn’t slept yet. I went home to get some clothes and toiletries since it looked like an impromptu hotel room was booked to stay another night. By this point I couldn’t stay awake, and felt I’d been drugged lol. The four of us had to decide between dinner at Hakkasan or an Indian takeaway. I’ve never been to Hakkasan, but I dont think I was dressed for the occasion. Indian it was followed by a bit of TV and laughter to end the evening.
Lastly, I wore this coral strapless dress. I’ve never worn anything strapless due to my own securities of thinking I have saggy boobs, and hated my birthmark on my back. It was time to get over it and bust out (pun totally intended) this strapless beauty. 
Dinner at Busaba | Driving back from Colchester | Embracing my fear of the strapless dress | Shoot from the new project.
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