There’s two things every blogger needs; a good Camera and good lighting. I’m always on the hunt for a new camera and I’m always checking out the specs of the latest Digital Camera. I always want to capture everything from my day to day life journey to those breath-taking views that you just stare at in awe, and not to mention vlogging every second of my life. I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers and vloggers moving over to Sony, so I thought I’d head over and check out their diverse range of digital cameras.
What I like most about Sony products is that you don’t have to be an experienced photographer to use their product. I love that they cater to the average person like you and me who love documenting those precious moments. Sony’s range of digital cameras is vast, there are just so many different types of cameras to choose from. I’d always thought that you can only get high quality pictures from a DSLR camera, but I was so wrong on that, compact cameras are just as good. The images from these cameras are captured with quality and definition.
I think every blogger started vlogging on the ever so popular Cyber-shot compact digital camera. I like to think a women designed them as they are stylish, elegant and compact. I call it the art of getting your handbag to close, when it’s over flowing.
Sony caters to everyone. Even the SLR enthusiasts or people like me who like to think they are photographers. I think owning a SLR gives me the privilege to call myself a photographer right? The SLR range includes interchangeable lens cameras, producing dynamic, vibrant image quality with a professional flair. 
The range is so diverse… from their unique translucent mirror technology that makes DSLR image capturing faster and more focused, to their range of NEX compact system (which I’m thinking of getting for my vlogging camera) cameras packing DSLR quality into your pocket.
Inspiring me are the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. in London this May. I love these photos taken by members of the Sony community. I can sit and stare at them all day. I can see why these images were. They are truly breath-taking.
The vast range that Sony offers are truly affordable yet produces quality images and Full HD video.
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