Since coming up with ideas to decorating my new room, making it the perfect space to relax, work, get glammed up, and film my YouTube videos it’s made me think about redesigning the kitchen. As my mother loves cooking we’ve always had an industrial/restaurant kitchen feel to our kitchen which I’ve grown accustomed to. Am I the only one that has a humungous deep freezer as well as gigantic cooking pots? If you’re Nigerian you would know about the endless parties in which no caterers are required because all the aunties gather together and get their cooking on. This has made me like the stainless steel look as its practical and functional, and super easy to clean.

 I’m not an interior designer, but I googled how to install a stainless steel backsplash sheet into the kitchen as I like to think of myself as a DIY-er but erhh lets just say I’ll leave it to the professionals.

Describe your dream kitchen?



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