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If you’re anything like me, we women love beautiful shoes, but there is no denying that style comes at a price. Too many times I get into little arguments with my feet due to blisters, cramped toes, aching legs, which all are part and package of wearing high heels, but these are often endured because the heels just add a touch of elegance to a woman’s figure. But there comes a point in any woman’s life when she has to consider comfort over class.
London, New York, and Tokyo are amongst the busiest cities in the world. Busy cities mean busy people with busy lives. And all that rushing to and fro can play havoc with the feet. We all have our moments where we compromise looking stylish and being comfortable by wearing trainers (also known as sneakers in the US) to get to and from work, and then quickly swapping them at the desk for a pair of sexy heels. 

Pros for Trainers
So what are the plusses for wearing trainers in and around a big city? For one thing, they are comfortable and are the healthiest option for my feet. Many people do it, so it will not look odd to see women in smart skirts with big, ugly sneakers on the ends of their legs hurrying to work. Bodies will be grateful to their owners with no foot or calf ache at the end of the day and no need to cover toes in plasters where the sides of the shoes have rubbed.
Pros for heels
Plusses for wearing heels are the reason they are put on in the first place – they make women look amazing. Legs look thinner and longer in heels, and they give a woman an attractive ‘wiggle’ when she walks. Heels can be beautiful, with infinite combinations of colors, patterns and textures. They can blend in with an outfit or stand out from it.

Cons for Trainers
There is only one serious con to wearing trainers in a big city and that is the way they look, which can be big and bulky. These come in different shapes and sizes, like these Rycore Brand comfortable sneakers, but at the end of the day, a pair of trainers is a pair of trainers. They are not a natural companion to smart work wear, and they can make a woman’s legs look shorter and dumpier than they actually are.

Cons for Heels

And cons for heels? None. Plenty, unfortunately. Heels are terrible for walking even short distances in. They throw the body forward so women are always trying to balance correctly, and the pressure put on the balls of the feet is consequently immense, usually resulting in blisters. As most heels, balance on a very narrow point, it is also easy to fall over in them, or turn an ankle, with the result that the ankle becomes forever weak. And forget trying to run in them safely – it is a virtual impossibility. But hey, practice makes perfect right?

Are you a heels or trainers person?

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