Heyya friends, this is literally the 3rd weekend in a row, that my weekend has been jam packed, and I think I love it like this. I may need one weekend to recuperate though, because 4 hours sleep is just not enough, but it’s so exciting, and I love the thrill of it lol. Adrenaline junkie much? I’m literally on the way out heading to a fancy dinner in one of London’s iconic hotels.  My closet is currently a tip trying on different evening gowns to wear.  My week has been busy, but not instagrammable yet, (damn contracts sigh). Take a look at my week below.

OOTD: Zebra Crossing | January Outfits | Products I’m trying out
Red Heels I‘m Selling | Selfie Time  (#tbt) | My New Boo Thang | 
Tobi doesn’t want me to go out | FOTD for Ditty Martini | Fearless Leopard
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How was your week?



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