Ok, I’ve realized that I’m young and I’m actually addicted to partying. I’ve decided, although I‘m not going to the clubbing for a while ( unless it’s The Box in Soho), I will not be turning down house parties. This weekend I was extremely productive. I’ve literally done everything that I wanted to get done this week, work wise, projects wise, friends wise, including this post. 
On Friday my bestie and I drove down to Clacton to get away from London whilst we both took care of some business/projects, and get stuff done. On the way back we stopped off for an impromptu dinner and catch up with a close friend of ours, followed by my actor friend’s house party in his new apartment. I was completely shattered by the end of it, but I had sooooo much fun. 
I’ve been told that I’m so dramatic when it comes to getting things done, e.g. I’ll cut everything off to get one thing done, but really life is about balance and time management. You can do it all, and you can have it all. OMG this is like the biggest revelation this week. To my fellow robots! We can do it all! Nothing has to be sacrificed, if your sacrificing things then your not managing your time properly.
My new hat from eBay | Instagram Giveaway | Brastrap length hair
My new hair, just when I got it done | My first grey hair | Nars Cream Cleanser
The Box Boutique Launch Party in South Kensington | Dinner at Itsu with La Sugarlace | New hair post
Weekend face | Weekend out of London with my bestie | OOTD: Pop My Cherry
How did you enjoy your weekend?



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