Every fall and winter season we see some loud new trends in jewellery, as it takes a bit more to stand out against the heavy garments and dark tones of cold weather fashion. The thin necklaces, casual beads and bangle necklaces of the summer won’t always carry over well to the autumn, so in this post we’ll be covering a few of the quirky and “loud” jewellery and accessory trends that can really stand out in a season that demands statement jewellery. Here are 5 ideas in particular that can be fun to dabble in this winter.
  1. Words In Jewellery This is a bit of a strange trend we’re seeing just about everywhere, and it’s one that makes a bold statement with the utmost simplicity. Ealuxe elaborates on some of these bulky pieces, specifically noting the words “Love,” “Happy” and “Cool” appearing in heavy golden letters on dangling necklaces. It’s casual and trendy, attractive yet loud enough to stand out. 
  2. Byzantine Statements Vogue notes this fabulous trend for those who like to be particularly daring with their winter fashion. There’s no defining rule as to what constitutes “Byzantine” fashion, but think heavy, Church-inspired pieces like cross earring ornaments or even small crowns and diadems! Studded with real or fake jewels, these pieces can be stunning.
  3. Flower Compliments This is one exception, as it’s a bit more of a summer trend that can carry over to the cooler seasons to give you a bit of a colour compliment. Marks and Spencer is one nice place to look for inspiration, as their flowers section offers seasonally updated bouquets and you can get an idea of the sorts of flowers that go best with autumn and winter. Then, whether it’s a faux flower dangling on your earrings or even a real one snipped and put behind an ear, you’re set with a new accessory!
  4. Feather Compliments Similar to the flower concept, feathers have made a bit of a comeback in jewellery and accessories throughout this year, and can certainly give you a way to stand out this winter. Feathers can quickly become distracting and tacky of course, but with the right colour combination and size they can also be the perfect compliments to your outfits.
5. Animal Pendants When we hear about animal influence on winter fashion, two things normally come to mind: coats made of furs and skins, and boots or flats displaying leopard patterns. But this season, animals are making a bit of a more unique appearance in pendants and accessory ornaments. Often seen as sparkling, jewel-encrusted pin-on accessories, these have just the right touch of quirkiness.
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