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Healthy Smoothie | Chicken and Salad for Dinner | Face for my friend’s birthday dinner
Red Velvet Cake (yum) | Blonde wig I tried on | OOTD: Tweedling my thumbs

Oh my goodness, this week! The most stressful week of my life. Surely you don’t want all the gory details of how a few beloved friendships have ended and also began.
Life prepares you for the best and for the worst, and I can tell you that I’m actually glad and happy. Sometimes the most difficult decisions are what makes you the happiest.
This weekend, was slightly jam packed with birthday dinners, and other celebratory activities. This week the quote “life waits for no man” was reinforced once again, so if you’re not running the race, the race still happens. One of my closest friends got engaged, so I’m super happy about that. After getting super excited for her; the usual nagging from my mother began about when am I bringing home the Mr. *sigh* Does this happen to you?
This morning my brother made a gorg omelette, that had me stuffed for the whole day, that I skipped Sunday dinner for a movie and snacks with my sister.
How was your weekend?



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