It’s only sunk in that its 2014, as I know the 11th day in but it feels so surreal. I spent the last weekend reflecting on my and my life goals, and what I’ve achieved and what I still need to achieve. 2014 is gonna be an interesting year because I’ve grown sooo much as a person, and this new me is gonna be  interesting.
Christmas Day | Christmas Day Treats | Dress from Topshop | Selfies in Topshop with Nikky | 
More Selfies with Nikky in the same dress | My natural hair blow dried and straightened | I hit 3000 followers on instagram (Thank you) | Makeup and natural hair
Toby slumped even though he has a bed | Another Selfie | What I wore for NYE | Selling items on eBay
Coffee with Zara | OOTD Grundgelence | New Video about Bahira Hair | Yummy Salad
More items on eBay | New Impress Nails | Mixed Veg Soup | Chocolate is Salad Repost | Another quote repost | First Selfie of 2014
I spent this weekend having a girls night in with my girls. As I’ve decided that I want to spend less time in the club, and more time working on improving me. it was just nice to spend this weekend indoors. In addition to my reflection  I’ve realised that its so easy to take for granted the things you experience for the first time for granted, because it becomes an expectation and when things don’t live up to the expectation or first experience, it can be very hurtful. 
I used to say the quote “Hope for the best, and expect the worst” However I’m not sure I absorbed the latter part of the quote late last year, earlier this year. Anywho enough reflective scribbles, I went to see 12 years of a Slave, and that movie had me speechless and tearful. It’s a must see! 
This is a lot of words for my usual Wande Weeklies but I thought word would better help elaborate what you dont see in pictures. Let me know if you like more reflective post about what goes on in my mind, as I find these therapeutic! 
What did you get up to this weekend?



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