I’m so that girl that takes forever to get ready for a night out, and we are not including the selfies time either. By the time I’ve imagined myself on a shoot with Tyra Banks, and smized in a million selfies, I realized that my nails aren’t painted. Luckily my sister is a mobile beautician and manicurist so I can have ultra glossy nails in minutes, but the only problem is they last right up until I reach the front door. Somehow I’ve managed to smudge them, and suddenly I’m out having fun, but doing every trick in the book with awkward hand movements to hide my smudged nails.

When I saw the Impress Press On Nails, I’m sure the words “smudge free nails” went up in lights somewhere in the world, ok well it did in my head , as this could potentially mean that I no longer have to wait for my nail polish to dry or have to do awkward hand movements around my friends to hide my nails when they are smudged.

Enough about my endless nail dilemmas, in the box you get a set of 24 nails, a set of instructions, and a cleansing cloth so there’s no reason for a dodgy nail job. I quickly picked out 10 press on nails to fit my nails, wiped each nail and slowly peeled back the sticky film and forcefully pressed it on my nail until it felt my secure.  Personally I found that the nails look nicer when its not too close to the cuticle, espcially coloured nails. I found that not all the nails fit absolutely perfectly, but I think it’s best to say you should go for something smaller for security. Don’t make the same mistake that I did and use nails that are too big because if they are a smidgen too big then they won’t stay on your nails, and they will fall off. If your pedantic like me, then it’s best to file a few of the bigger press on nails for the perfect fit.

Once you’ve got all the nails firmly on, you’ll probably hold your hand out and stare at how pretty your hands look. You’ll need to file the tips down, and perhaps the edges to get your desired shape. I like squoval; a square nail with slightly oval edges.  It’s best to shape the press on nails whilst on your nails for the perfect fit, but be sure to hold the nail down so they don’t go flying.

Overall, I’d recommend the Broadway Impress Press on Manicure (what a mouthful to say), as they are quick and easy to use, especially if you have small nail beds. I just love the fact that there is no drying time, and no chipping, and I have a gorgeous gel-like manicure. I’m wearing the colour Estatic Cling, but it comes in a range of colours and patterns. Although the packaging says it lasts up to 7 days; mine lasted 3. That’s ok as its a one night fix for me.
Boots ~ £7.99
Superdrug ~ £7.99
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