We get so bogged down with our day to day life that we can easily forget to do the important things. I’m sure we don’t count social media accounts as important but westill find time to check it every day right? That’s why Nestlé Fitness has come up with an undergarment that combines the best of both worlds to raise awareness for breast cancer: Let me introduce you to The Tweeting Bra. It’s the first bra that actually tweets. You interested right?

Trust me, I was intrigued too. Each time Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou unhooks the bra, a signal is sent to the mobile device with the selected @TweetingBra account and a tweet is posted to remind their followers about going for a monthly check. What a perfect reminder right. The aim is to spread the life-saving message around to everyone across the globe, one tweet at a time.
For all my tech geeks dying to know how this works, it’s basically a Bluetooth unit installed into the hook of the Tweeting Bra. So every time the bra is removed its sends a signal to a mobile device that notifies the server and instantly tweets. How cool is that?

To put this bra to the test Actress Maria Bakodimou will wear the bra for 2 weeks from the 19th November, I know it sounds weird but each time she unhooks her bra we’ll know, as we’ll get the remind tweet. Follow the official Tweeting Bra @TweetingBra for reminders about monthly check ups and more information and useful follow the hashtag #tweetingbra or check out the website here

*This post has been sponsored by Nestle Fitness but all thoughts are my own



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