You don’t need a infographic, to tell you when you need a holiday. However if your dance a little inside over interesting facts and figures then you’ll surely find this interesting.

5 Ways to Tell it is Time to Get Away Infographic

From the infographic above, it states the 5 cures of illness/stress. If I had to put in any order then I’ve got to say that when I think of relaxation, I’m definitely a spa lady first and foremost. It the most chosen forms of relaxation. 
This is very quickly followed by a trip to the theatre. I love theatres! As I work in the arty farty world of advertising, so I love seeing art created, It’s so inspiring too. 
If I’m slightly bored of the London scenery, which doesn’t happen too often as there’s always something to do. I’ll pop on a train or plane to a nice little village in another European destination. 
For the seaside option, I have to admit I’d never visit the seaside, it’s just not my thing really, maybe its a cultural thing. So there you have it guys.

Put the 5 cures in order of visiting by leaving a comment below.



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