Whenever I buy new workout clothes I feel super motivated to workout. When you’re carrying slightly larger jugs than the average woman, finding the support isn’t the easiest thingsto find. I so envy the ladies that can go into Primark and pick up the Hello Kitty bra set, and be done with her day. Whose to say I don’t like Hello Kitty.
As I needed to invest in  new sports gear, it was time to get hunting. The Panache Sports Bra Top gives me amazing support, but I do think it’s the reason why I’ve gone down 3 bra sizes. ( If you know how to put weight on in the boob area, then please do let me know). Since the introduction of this sports bra in my life, I have been able to run more frequently on the treadmill *cough* 5 mins *cough.*
Do not let the picture fool you, these Panache Sports shorts are actually underwear not shorts. A few light jogs in these and you would have thought that they were thongs, on my body that is. They offer great support as underwear, and totally motivates me to work out. 
I’ve been hitting up the gym three times a week, because I just need to see a 6 pack soon.
Where do you get your sportswear from?



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