I told you I’ll be back!

Anywho my makeup has been changing a lot lately. Somedays I want to be really dramatic, and other days I want it to be barely there.

I tried this foundation months back, and I remember loving it! I decided to try it again, but for some reason I’m not liking it anymore. This foundation is truly amazing in the summer months and when your skin is perfect. However it’s just not covering my recent blemishes. I can’t wait to go back to the Sleek BB Cream which does wonders.
Considering I’ve been hooked on MAC Spiked pencil since I can remember, I got a little too lazy to go into town to pick it up, so I decided to give this a try. Now I have to say I’m loving it, and it does wonders for my eyebrows. It slides across my face with perfection, as well as great colour payoff. It doesn’t give me that harsh look, and the pencil itself is soft. It’s a great drugstore alternative, however I can so see myself reverting back to MAC Spiked as it’s just that good.
I’ve tried a lot of mascaras but I always revert back to this one. I love it! It gives me the nice dark bold lashes, without the fuss of handling fake lashes. I keep trying to get my hand on the Lash Accellorator Endless which I’ve heard great things about.
This creamy product is amazing. I mainly use it for my under eye concealer. I’ve never been a fan of creamy products on my face, but I can tell you that this has replaced my Studio Finish Concealer. The blendability is amazing. It blends amazingly well into my skin whatever foundation I’m wearing. It never gives you that scary under eye concealer gone wrong look.
What products have you purchased recently?



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