Ok so I’m a teeny weeny bit late on the review for this product. People discover products at different times. I have recently been trying out the InStyler. The InStyler is a rotating hair iron that straightens, curls, and add volume and shine. Sound too good to be true right?

The Instyler is totally unique to any other hair styling tool on the market. Over the years more and more products have the rotating feature. Now as I’m a  complete tech junkie, I absolutely love the fact I don’t have to put no effort into my hair and the rotating does all the work. It product features a soft bristle brush with a tong like curling feature. It’s got three different heat settings, and does amazing things to my hair. It says you can use this on wet or dry hair, so you know me. I tested it out, and although it says wet, I would say it works extremely well on damp hair with a smoke free heat protectant.
This product is the reason I can wait up an hour later in bed, because it no longer take me that long to do my hair. Call it 10 mins, and I’m out the door.

As for my natural hair, well I tried it after I’d washed and conditioned my hair, and well it felt like my hair was begin fried straight. If you’re a natural sister I’d suggest either blow drying your hair straight or putting it in rollers under the dryer fist. That way you get way better results.

OMG I nearly forgot to tell you, it comes with an instructional DVD to help you get the look you want, a travel bag, and a glove, but you know I never use those things.

Thank you Instyler for the extra sleep in the mornings. I truly think you are are Godsend. I have a few rotating hair tools. Would you like to see a review on it?


Have you tried any rotating hair products?



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