When you’ve had a long week, the first thing that seems to come to mind is shimmy down to a London night club to party the weekend away. After endless cocktails and a cab home, you’ve realized you’ve spent nearly £500 if not more on a night out. It’s always the way isn’t it lol.
 MoneySupermarket’s “Big Night In” is a campaign launched to showcase how you can have a great night without emptying your bank account! I’ve been given a small budget £50 to take part in this campaign. On a night out in London, that would buy you about 3-4 drinks depending on where you go. 
I’ve been talking to the girls about having a pamper party, where we let our hair down and chill with face masks and hand scrubs. As a beauty enthusiast I somehow have an endless supply of pamper goodies, which I’m sure will go down a treat.
We’ll start the evening with a glass of champagne, and catching up about the hectic week we’ve all had, as well as all the drama that comes with it. 

Hopefully they’ll like my avocado and shrimp starter. Along with some hand food to get us going. I know a lot of my friends are very health conscious as am I, so I know it wasn’t going to be a pizza and chips night. Either way I’m sure we’ll have some giggles.

There’s much more on the table than this, however this was all I had time to snap. There’s carrot sticks and hummus etc. 

Let the pampering begin, first we tried some of Cowshed’s Slender Cow products which are supposed to get you down a few inches. There were always a few selections of face masks for everyone to try. Hours of relaxation will go by whilst listening to soothing music. It shall feel like an at-home spa treatment.

After the pampering, I have another alcoholic concoction which I made myself. Although this is not healthy, it tastes damn good. It’s Malibu based, so it’s quite sweet. To be honest what I’ve got planned after this are naughty to our weight but nice to our taste buds. Hehe!

Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and drink a cocktail or three (lol) and have plenty of fun!
I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun, and with a budget of £50 would you believe that I only spent £39.72. I gotta go now I think that’s the door bell.

Do you prefer going out or a night in with the girls?



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