Happy Father’s Day! Scented with LOVE

Like many women in the world I grew up fatherless. However I am extremely blessed for the three men in my life who treated me like their own daughter’s and taught me all the things about being a woman. Love is unconditional, and I am eternally grateful for stepping into the shoes of daddy.

Lacoste Noir for Men, this stylish and distinctive scent goes to the recent guy who entered my life. You know who you are! Although you’re not a father (yet) you’ve shown me love like one. You’ve been there through the recent hard times, and held me in your arms like a daddy should.
 I hope our lives can resemble the notes of this fragrance. Base notes: Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin; forever intoxicated by your pungent sweetness, identical to mint. Heart notes: Magnolia Leaf, Absynth, Lavender; the soft and refreshing approach wrapped in the kindest of words to build me up to the top. Top notes; Basil, Red Berries, Watermelon; this describes the depth of your character, pleasant and rich. Endlessly full of surprises and flamboyant juiciness.
This fragrance is fabulous for those evenings, this signifies your presence and shoulder you provided in my darkest of hours. Forever entangled in the refreshing scent of love, Thank you and I love you Mr J.

The next fragrance Boss Orange for Men goes to a family friend, however due to Nigerian culture I’ve only known to call him my uncle. I gifted my uncle with this fragrance as its a powerful scent that embodies freedom, optimistic and joyful spirit of a man, just like my uncle. 
Our love for computers in the 80’s drew us together, and grew up until now. I first met my uncle when I was about 5/6 years old, and 19 years later he’s still a young carefree loving man, computer geek lol. A Boss man is passionate, casual, spontaneous and relaxed. I couldn’t find a fragrance that embodied his description quite like this fragrance. The composition of this fragrance defines him so well. 
The base notes are vanilla and Bubinga wood, describes his warm calm yet spicy personality. With the heart notes of frankincense and Szechuan pepper; the strong scents that commands his fatherly presence in my life. Lastly, the top notes of a crisp apple and coriander. The sweet scent of apple, reminds me of his wisdom, always added something fruitful to my life. Thank you uncle B for many years of fatherly love.

James Bond 007 for men reminds me of my brother, so I thought I’d get him this. I’m sure this doesn’t need an explanation. Well he thinks he’s bond! Need I say more lol. The notes are described as:

Vetyver , a Haitian ingredient bring undeniable power and strength blended with sensuality, captures Bond’s charming and refined characteristics. Crisp apple, the quintessentially British ingredient known for its fresh flavor, reflects the smooth side of Bond, and adds a refreshingly light quality that perfectly harmonizes the heady Fougère. Sandalwood offers a full bodied essence which creates the fragrance’s long lasting and powerfully masculine qualities.

Thanks again dads for all the love as support! 



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