Spending hours trying to apply false lashes on special occasions just weren’t cutting it anymore, not to mention it became increasingly embarrassing when the lashes would somehow appear on my eyebrows.  This urged me to make the image in my head a reality which is to have fluttering Bambi lashes, and reshape my Helga-like eyebrows, minus the monobrow.
Just under a week ago, I skipped along to the Lash Perfect salon tucked away neatly, off Carnaby Street in London.
I was given a little tour of the salon, which is simple with white furnishings with the added sparkle and glitz. 

The image below is the VIP treatment room is where the magic happens to celebrities or brides to be.

I got my eyebrows threaded as they were in dire need of a new shape. Kirsten the therapist said it would take 6 months to a year to achieve the perfect shape. This means this will be my designated salon for the next few months, as this new shape needs to come into fruition. Within a few ticks she was done, showing me how my new shape will be achieved over the next coming months. I’ve never heard anyone with some much knowledge on eyebrows, shape, and its growth pattern. Finally I have an arch! Kisten even went further to fill in the sparse areas with the Hi Brow in dark brown so that I could see what it would look in its state of perfection. Finally I feel like a woman again.
Next I was whisked away to the treatment bed for my semi permanent lash extensions, where I was asked a few questions about how I want my lashes. I didn’t think my Bambi description would have been appropriate so I said I want the corner ends to be a little longer, and I want them to be seen, but not too overpowering. I was advised that I should have them 2mm longer that mine. Although I was frightened by the thought of long lashes, as I didn’t want my lashes to resemble a family of spiders. Nonetheless I went a ahead. It’s a relaxing process, as you have to have your eye closed during the process. I think I dozed off a few times ha! 

I’m completely in love with my new look. I think I just stared at the mirror for about 15 minutes practicing how to flutter my lashes like Bambi. Now with my new lashes and eyebrows I feel that my makeup looks 10 times better. What do you think?

Semi permanent lash extension and eyebrow shaping are available at

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