Hi guys, thanks for the love and support on my last post. I’m overjoyed by the increase in comments lately. If you’ve read this blog for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about my dry skin. With my dry skin comes the obsession of using the oils, because anything else just doesn’t cut it.
I’ve used a fair share of oils in my time, from the worst right through to the most impressive. 
balance Me is a brand quite new to me, although it’s been around since 2005. It’s taken a holistic approach to beauty along with their hi tech natural formulations. After having a look at the range and spotting the oil, I knew it was destiny.
When it comes to oils, they are something that I am very particular about because it’s the one thing I keep consistent in my regime. 
Radiant skin is something we ALL want. Young or old. I find the best way to achieve it is with a radiance oil. balance Me have done me proud. This oil contains Amazonian buriti nut oil, and if you know by now I’m nuts about nuts. Yes! Pun totally intended lol. This particular oil in this product is a rare find because it originates from the buriti palm deep within the Amazonian basin. I’ve looked at pictures online and this tree is gorgeous to look at. What’s even better is that nut provides the richest known source of beta-carotene, a skin antioxidant. This means the oil in this nut not only contains vitamins E but aids the scar tissue growth. Say bye to those scars ladies! To some degree it aids skin cancer prevention by consuming ultraviolet rays, so guess what this mean, sun cream. Now that’s just a little back story on one of the ingredients. The other ingredients are camellia and Rosehip oils. If you live in a country with harsh weather conditions and high pollution like London, then its a great barrier against it.
How I apply this is pretty straight forward, after I’ve applied eye cream and washed my hands again, I massage this into my skin in circular motions and smell the sweet aroma of the orange blossom. I used the remainder of the oil on the back of my hand by way of habit.
The only thing is that I wish that pippet was a slightly softer material, as it feels like my fingers alone are at the gym.

balance Me Super Toning Body Oil (200ml)

I did a few tests with this product. Whether you’re getting ready for the day or getting into bed for a night’s rest. Oils don’t seem to be the best option to put on your skin. It either stains your clothes leaving an awkward dark patch in an inconvenient place or stain those gorgeous new satin sheets. 
With the balance ME Super Toning Body Oil, I found the oil to be quite light, and also penetrate into my skin. It consists of a nice blend of oils such as wheat germ, sweet almond oil, macadamia, jojoba. What I like about these oils in particular is that they give you’re the glow, and I’n sure you know what I mean by the glow. The sun kissed, I’ve been prancing around an exotic Spanish beach being fed grapes into my mouth kinda glow.
How I use this oil is by massaging it onto damp skin focusing on the areas that need a little more love, such as my thighs and feet. The scent that it leaves after is quite stimulating, this must be due to the bergamot, geranium, lavender and juniper natural oils. 
I wasn’t too impressed with the packaging, as I thought the oil will spill everywhere leaving me with a greasy bottle, but so far so good.
If you see me on the cover of Vogue next month for the most amazing skin, you’ll know why. 😉
Have you tried any balance Me products?



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